Excavation, Water and Sewer

Tom Miller is the Superintendent and Production Manager of Fuog/InterBuild, Inc. He began his construction career at the side of his father, initially learning how to lay pipe. Since then, Tom has gained experience in almost every area of construction, from the initial bid to the final delivery of the project. His experience includes utility work, traditional site development, excavating and trenching, custom rock trenching and estimation of job costs. His extensive knowledge of equipment makes him invaluable by helping to get the job done properly, timely and efficiently.

Tom joined Fuog/InterBuild, Inc. in 2010 and in doing so, brought with him vast experience in site development, enabling the company to provide services directly. Since coming on board with Fuog/InterBuild, Tom has been instrumental in developing projects including several government agencies and equine facilities. His attention to detail, perfectionist outlook and willingness to make the customer happy, makes Tom Miller a great asset to Fuog/InterBuild, Inc.